Pros and Cons of Using Penis Extenders

The amount of time and money men are prepared to give for extending the length of their penis is really remarkable, and some of the methods used are really painful and require a lot of patience. This is probably the best indicator of how important penis size is for men, so no wonder that the market for penis extenders is so big and colorful. This makes it hard to choose the best method that proves to be both safe and effective, but we’ll try to sum up all the pros and cons of various penis extenders to help you make up your mind and find the one that meets your needs.

How do penis extenders work?

The science behind it is similar to the methods used in orthopaedic field to help limbs become functional again by traction force. By applying traction on the desired part of body, you’re forcing it to start cell reproduction and tissue growth, thus increasing the penis size. This method is one of the rare penile extension methods among various pills, exercise routines and other that has been scientifically proved effective, which is the number one reason for choosing penis extenders over other methods.

By using a top quality penis extender device, like the PhalloGauge Extender, the results are guaranteed while you’re on the safe side when it comes to side effects. High quality penis extenders are made like any other medical equipment – from materials that are built to last, such as surgical steel. These products are long lasting and reliable and minimize the risk of injury.

Another benefit of this method is that most penis extenders are designed to be worn over longer periods of time without having to do anything in the means of adjusting or controlling the device. This means that once you’ve put the device on, you can do whatever you want around the house, having your hands free and not wasting any time on the exercise itself. You can do anything from house chores to watching TV without having to worry about the device, which is a real time saver compared to penis extension exercises, for example.

On the downside, no matter what the ads say, wearing it outside of the house is pretty uncomfortable. If you check out forums about male enhancement products, this is the number one thing users are complaining about. Besides being hard to wear the product outdoors without people noticing it, it’s usually unpleasant to walk around with your penis strapped in such a device, so most people choose to wear it only at home.

Risks of using penis extenders are mostly related to the quality of the product. You will notice the wide price range of these products, and although some of these are overpriced, saving up on a cheaper model can mean poor results or even injury. Cheap penis extenders are often made from materials that weren’t build to last and could cause for the device to break or get stuck, which could lead to some pretty unpleasant situations.